“In A Perfect Cemetery, Falco describes the landscapes of Córdoba (the Argentine province that serves as the setting for all five stories), with intense sensory detail, and explores the question of loyalty in the tender, subtle portraits of its protagonists. Whether it is the king of the hares, who finds more comfortable society with the animals of the forest than with the human beings who populate the town; a teenage girl who forsakes her family’s religion in search of new connections; a landscape architect hired to create the perfect resting place for a man’s implacable father; a woman who seeks a new site for her loyalties after her home is threatened; or a widow seeking to maintain her previous life as a wife: all the characters’ struggles revolve around faithfulness to place and to one another.” (World Literature Today)

This collection of short stories is Federico Falco’s first publication to be translated into English. In 2017 A Perfect Cemetery was finalist for the García Márquez Short Story Prize. Jennifer Croft, who translated the stories writes of him: “Federico Falco is an exquisite writer—generous and accomplished, painstaking and distinctive, genuine, probing, and wonderful.”

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A Perfect Cemetery
Title: A Perfect Cemetery
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