“An immensely appealing flawed hero and the portrayal of a slice of Italian society not normally encountered in crime fiction.” – The Times

“Crisp, laconic sentences, subtle shifts in tone and a seamless translation that should be commended.” – Times Literary Supplement

This is the second novel in Carofiglio’s popular Guido Guerrieri series. A woman accuses her ex-boyfriend of assault, but no witnesses can be persuaded to testify on her behalf and no lawyer will agree to represent her. Perhaps because the father of the accused happens to be a powerful local judge. Guerrieri knows the case could bring his legal career to a premature and messy end but he cannot resist the appeal of a hopeless cause.

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Image of book cover for A Walk in the Dark by Gianrico Carofiglio, image shows a woman's bare legs from the knee down, she is standing andwearing a pair of red court shoes
Title: A Walk in the Dark
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