One of the greatest novels ever written about grief, loneliness and isolation…Richly, almost oppressively, atmospheric, it is about atmosphere, about how a city can be a state of mind as well as a geographical entity… a haunting and haunted work.” Nick Lezard in The Guardian.

Perfect November reading, this symbolist classic by Georges Rodenbach will wrap you in the fog and drizzle of Bruges as you accompany the tormented and despairing footsteps of widower Hugues Viane beside the quais and through the twisting streets. First published in 1892, Rodenbach arguably does for Bruges what Dickens did for London and what Turner did for Venice. This Dedalus Edition contains photographs of the city by Will Stone who also introduces and translated the second part of the book – a short essay by Rodenbach entitled “The Death Throes of Towns”.

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image of book cover 'Bruge la Morte' by George Rodenbach
Title: Bruges-la-Morte
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