Spanning five generations, this novel blends family and historical drama to absolute perfection. Described as a “spellbinding tour de force of storytelling”, it is “epic in scope yet deeply, evenly intimately personal”. The narrator interweaves the history of her large, idiosyncratic family with the events leading to and following the Iranian Revolution of 1978, a political and social upheaval which was the catalyst for the narrator fleeing Iran to begin a new life in Paris. An important insight into the pain and trauma of exile for those of us who have never had to leave our roots, this is a book full of humour as well as heartbreak.

I was lucky enough to speak to the translator, Tina Kover, about her experience of translating this book. She said it was a wild ride and an amazing experience to translate. Like me, she might have shed a tear during the final pages. You can read an interview with Tina here.

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Book cover for Disoriental by Négar Djavadi shows a colourful phoenix on a purple background
Title: Disoriental
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