Ferocity, winner of the Strega prize in 2015, is an exhilirating, ambitious, and vivid work of fiction by Nicola LaGioia, one of Italy’s foremost literary novelists.

The story is set in the ’80s in southern Italy, mainly in the cities of Taranto and the author’s home city of Bari. With a narrative style that has been likened to a cubist painting or seeing the story unfold through a kaleidoscope, this is part family saga, part ecological thriller focusing on the influential Salvemini family, the mysterious “suicide” of Clara, their eldest daughter, and the efforts of her half-brother, Michele, to uncover what really happened and how Clara might have been connected to her father’s corrupt property dealings. With comparisons to David Lynch, Jonathan Franzen and Greek tragedy, this is a chilling, intricately woven and virtuosic tour de force, an important work that has divided the critics but can’t be ignored.

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Title: Ferocity
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