Mario Vargas Llosa wrote about Borges as follows:

“His is a world of clear, pure and at the same time unusual ideas…expressed in words of great directness and restraint. He was a superb storyteller. One reads most of Borges’ tales with the hypnotic interest usually reserved for reading detective fiction.”

Born in Buenos Aires in 1899, Borges is celebrated as one of the towering figures of Spanish language literature. He paved the way for writers such as Gabriel García Márquez, Carlos Fuentes and of course Vargas Llosa.

Fictions introduced an entirely new voice into world literature. It is here we find the astonishing accounts of Funes, the man who can forget nothing; the fatal lottery in Babylon; and the library containing every possible book in the whole universe. Here too are the philosophical detective stories and the haunting tales of Irish revolutionaries, gaucho knife fights and dreams within dreams which proved so influential (and yet impossible to imitate).

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