After a driving-related ‘misfortune’, restless thirty-five year old Eduardo is sentenced to a driving ban and a year of community service reading to the elderly and disabled. In his beautiful voice he reads from Dostoyevsky, du Maurier and others, but remains completely detached from the meaning of the literature. Until he comes across a poem his dying father had copied by hand, a poem by the Mexican poet Isabel Fraire, and it affects him as no literature has before.

Fabio Morábito was born in Egypt in 1955 to Italian parents and moved from Milan to Mexico when he was fifteen. He has written in Spanish ever since and lives in Mexico City. Home Reading Service won the 2019 Xavier Villarrutia Prize, Mexico’s highest literary award.

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Book cover for Home Reading Service by Fabio Morábito. Image shows a young man with a pink book obscuring his face. The book shows the title.
Title: Home Reading Service
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