Sonja is learning to drive later in life. She’s trying to move in the right direction but her instructor won’t let her change gears and she daydreams during lessons, her mind wandering back to her rural childhood home where she would roam in the rye fields, sit by the lake watching the whooper swans and listening for the bittern. Shortlisted for the Man Booker International Prize in 2017, Mirror, Shoulder, Signal is a sharpwitted, poignant tale of one woman’s journey in search of herself when there’s no one to ask for directions.

From the Paris Review: “The Danish writer Dorthe Nors lives alone with a black cat in a house so far west on the Jutland peninsula that she’s practically in Scotland. It’s not far from the rural parish community where she was born, in 1970, and raised by a carpenter father and a hairdresser-turned-art-teacher mother. Nors writes heartrending and compact stories, punctuated with satire. Her tone is pensive, sardonic, and sometimes macabre.”

You can read the full author interview here but here’s what Nors had to say about her protaganist in Mirror, Shoulder, Signal: “The story is about being physically trapped in a situation, trapped in a relationship. You’re afraid of saying shut up to this person you’re forced to spend time with because you can’t drive the damn car yourself. On a literal level, with driving lessons, you can’t possibly spend all those hours in a tiny space with someone and not build up a relationship with them. Getting your driver’s license in Copenhagen just is a very existential experience.”

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Book cover for Mirror Shoulder Signal by Dorthe Nors, Image shows a car door and a coat trapped in it with a hazy image of a woman in profile drivng the car
Title: Mirror, Shoulder, Signal
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