Antoni de Mantpalau, a dashing young Spanish aristocrat and naturalist of the early 1800s, agrees to aid a village beset by an evil force and is stalked by a thirteenth-century vampire until their final, bloody confrontation…

Myth, history and the author’s exuberant fantasies combine in this classic of the Catalan language. Along with other writers including Mercé Rodoreda, Juan Perucho’s work was suppressed during the Franco era and some of his earlier work had to be printed in secret. In the words of the translator David Rosenthal in his introduction to this edition “Catalan literature remains as vital as ever. Its vitality has everything to do with the mixture of whimsy and inspired yarn-spinning, of artistic experimentation and love for the Mediterranean’s past and people that we find so brilliantly realized in Natural History.”

Natural History was Perucho’s first novel to be published outside Spain and is an eerie, elegant novel reminiscent of the work of Borges and Calvino.

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