Providing a fascinating insight into the development of his genius, Netochka Nezvanova was Dostoyevsky’s first published work. Although never completed, the themes and issues which dominate the later novels are all here: the extreme suffering of the individual, the spiritual plight of the outcast, the inspiration of madness and the atonement of sin.

Netochka Nezvanova – Nameless Nobody – recounts her formative years in vivid, anguished detail. After her father’s death, her mother marries a failed musician, who believes himself to be a neglected genius. On the edge of insanity, he exploits the child, ruins the family and abandons Netochka when her mother dies. Though rescued by a wealthy family, the abuse continues in a more subtle form, condemning Netochka to remain for ever an outsider, a lonely spectator of a glittering society.

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Image of book cover 'Netochka Nezvanova' by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Title: Netochka Nezvanova
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