Ilmar Taska is best known in his native Estonia as a film director and producer. Pobeda 1946: A Car Called Victory is his first novel.

In Tallinn in 1946 a young boy is transfixed by the beauty of a luxurious cream-coloured car gliding down the street. It is a Russian Pobeda, a car called Victory. The sympathetic driver invites the boy for a ride and enquires about his family. Soon the boy’s father disappears. Ilmar Taska’s debut novel captures the distrust and fear among Estonians living under Soviet occupation after the second world war.

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Book cover for Pobeda 1946 - A car called victory by Ilmar Taska. Image shows a light coloured car in the foreground against the silhouette of some houses and a church tower.
Title: Pobeda 1946: A Car Called Victory
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