For all fans of Inspector Montalbano, did you know that Andrea Camilleri, creator of Italy’s favourite detective, wrote several historical novels also set in the fictional Sicilian town of Vigata?

We’re in 1870s Sicily and much to the displeasure of Vigata’s stubborn populace, the town has just been unified under the Kingdom of Italy. They’re now in the hands of a new government they don’t understand, and they definitely don’t like. Eugenio Bortuzzi has been named the new Prefect of Montelusa and will oversee the town on behalf of the new administration. But the rowdy and unruly Sicilians don’t care much for this rather pompous mainlander nor the mediocre opera he’s hell-bent on producing in their new municipal theatre. Get ready for a riot, an inferno, tempestuous political wranglings and convoluted scheming in this farcical yet sophisticated romp full of Camilleri’s trademark humour and cynicism.

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Image of book cover 'The Brewer of Preston' by Andrea Camilleri
Title: The Brewer of Preston
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