If you could inhabit the world of a particular novel for a while, which one would you choose? I would jump at the chance to be transported to Mr Nakano’s Thrift Shop in the Tokyo suburbs for a week or two, just enough time to get to know this idiosyncratic shop and its quirky cast of characters. Sharing pastries from the Posy teashop, getting caught in a torrential Japanese summer downpour, slurping Masayo’s signature tanmen noodles under the kotatsu, and being party to the stop-start (almost) conversations and meaningful stares exchanged by introverts Hitomi and Takeo. Meanwhile customers appear in the shop with their own stories, with dubious photographs and cursed bowls, the seasons pass and well, maybe just two weeks wouldn’t be long enough…

Another enigmatic novel from the bestselling author of Strange Weather in Tokyo.

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Image of book cover 'The Nakano Thrift Shop' a novel by Hiromi Kawakami
Title: The Nakano Thrift Shop
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