Friedrich Glauser (1896 – 1938), often compared to Simenon, is hailed as a legendary figure in European crime writing. Germany’s most prestigious crime writers’ award is named after him but sadly he lived a short and troubled life. Diagnosed a schizophrenic, he spent much of it in and out of psychiatric hospitals and was addicted to opium.

Thumbprint is the first of five books in the Sergeant Studer series.The death of a travelling salesman in the forest of Gerzenstein appears to be an open and shut case. Sergeant Studer is confronted with an obvious suspect and a confession to the murder. But nothing is what it seems…

“Perfect characterisation, brilliant portrayal of humour and irony against the dark, brooding background of small town life.” Nationalzeitung Basel

“…Glauser has painted a portrait of Switzerland you will never see in a travel brochure.” Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

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Cover image of Thumbprint by Friedrich Glauser, image shows a pine forest
Title: Thumbprint
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