Trick is a stylish drama about ambition, family and old age that goes beyond the ordinary and predictable. Daniele Mallarico is a successful illustrator who, in the twilight of his years, feels that his reputation and his artistic prowess are fading. Mario is Daniele’s four-year-old grandson. Daniele has been living in Milan for many years but reluctantly agrees to return to his childhood home in Naples to babysit Mario while his daughter and son-in-law are away at a conference. The apartment in central Naples where Daniele grew up is not only filled with the ghosts of the past, but Daniele is also forced to face his own personal demons, all while navigating the ambivalent relationship he has with his grandson. As Jhumpa Lahiri puts it in her introduction to the English edition: “One can read Trick as a domesticated Lord of the Flies, the island swapped for an apartment in Naples, the repercussions every bit as savage. Grandfather and grandson are marooned together, also pitted apart; both are essentially abandoned by the adult world.” Meanwhile, outside the apartment we sense the pulsing heart of Naples, a wily, violent and passionate city whose influence can never be shaken.

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